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Aug. 17: Celebrate the World Changers

We have reached the third movement in worship series on our mission together as a community of faith: Change the World. From my limited perspective, it may be the part we want to do the most (and may possibly do the best). As I get to know all of you and learn about your life outside of Sunday, I see that many of you are employed for the purpose of changing the world. Many are teachers, community organizers, professional volunteers and social workers. And even those who aren’t employed as world changers are making a difference … sharing grace for the purpose of justice by working on political campaigns, marching with labor, speaking out against hate, and sharing love with those desperate to receive it. It is part of the DNA of Holy Covenant. If you are here, you probably feel called to be an agent of change. And if not, you at least know (and love) that those agents of change made it possible for you to have a home here.

We celebrate who we are in that way. Yet, I know this isn’t the case in the greater community and world. Teachers are accused of laziness, community organizers are called pinkos, professional volunteers are said to be useless and social workers are accused of heartlessness. Rhetoric spewed in mainstream and social media says that the things we ordinary radicals defend are destroying America, and are a blight to God and the church. It isn’t easy being a world changer.

That’s why for the next two weeks, I want you to be intentional about inviting the difference makers you know to worship. I want them to see that there is a community that is striving to embody the difference they see being possible. And I want them (and all of you, as well) to know that they are loved and appreciated in the eyes of God.

So, this week, let’s fill the place with those great agents of transformation: teachers, community organizers, professional volunteers and social workers. And next week, invite those people who are making a difference in more ordinary ways (and especially those who have made a difference to you!). In my opinion, this can both refresh and revitalize us to keep moving with God to bring about change.

Hope you are having a great week, and look forward to seeing you (and all the other world changers you bring) on Sunday!

Pastor Matthew

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