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We're raising $25,000 in 6 weeks -

support us by june 17

Since it's inception in 1992, 40-60 guests who are hungry, homeless, or seeking community are invited to be our guests for a sit-down restaurant-style dinner every week. Over 26 years, Dignity Diner has served over 60,000 meals.

It costs about $300 each week for operations of Dignity Diner, food for a 3-course meal (salad, soup, and entree), hot and cold drinks, supplies for cooking and serving, and salary for our Part-Time Director, David.

While hunger and homelessness in Chicago are decreasing, around 6,000 people experience homelessness in Chicago every year and at least 1 in 7 Chicago households experience food insecurity annually. Food insecurity and homelessness disproportionately affect black Chicagoans and people under 18.  Our congregation has been long committed to serving our neighbors with respect, and welcoming them in our sanctuary.  

Every donation matters and goes a long way:

  • $15 = Coffee for two dinners
  • $30 = Salad ingredients for fresh salad for one dinner
  • $150 = Entree for one dinner
  • $500 = Coordination - supports the salary of our Dignity Diner Director
  • $1000 = Supports 1 month of operations for Dignity Diner


  • TO Donate online: CLICK HERE

  • To donate via check:

    • Checks written to "Dignity Diner" can be sent to Holy Covenant UMC, 925 West Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL, 60614



Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Dignity Diner is a program of Holy Covenant UMC, which is a non-profit organization.

Questions? Contact office@holycovenantumc.org


dignity diner: where respect is always on the menu




We've raised over $28,000 from 143 donors!

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Thank you to our generous donors:

Kelli Beard
Heather Domabyl
Deanna Cook
Laura Putman
Kara Teeple
Stephanie Molnar
Myah Knight
Marshall Duggs
Dale Jones
Martha Donnelly
James Brown
Jonathan McCulloch
Gerald Jaecks
Mary Pat Wood
Lisa and Paul Blanchard
Diane Bloom
Caroline West
Nathan Becker
Elizabeth Lancaster
Diane Burnett
Claudia Perez
Steve Hoffman
Rebecca Goodwin
Alejandra Magana
Emily White
Nicole Cooklin
Barbara Herring
Joseph Mason
Evelyn Hernandez
Karen Papp
Sharon Johnson
James Riverso
Mary  Frueh
Blaire Theuerkauf
Daryl Nowinski
Phillip Faniola
Karen Byers
Alison Ledgerwood
Suzan Kaufmann                                        Valerie Mitchell
Kenneth and Ann Hughes - in honor of Katie Bunt
Marcia Smith Edgerton
Ariana Broumand
Joseph Tedino
Dale Jones
Katie Wickman
Emily Dunbar
Damian Jacoby
Mandy Leifheit
Jerry Gilio
Sandra Henkels
S Fink
Courtney Ksiazek
Richard Vines
Michael Vredenburgh
Michelle Lee
David Aslesen
Carolyn Hebel                                           Leigh Mott
Patrick Hickey
Kristen Barkimer
Alex Johnson
Deanne Brandon
Sarath Gundumogula
Rita Patel
Laura Weber
Rakesh Patel
ENetwork Supply
Nancie and Ron Mertz
Hiran Patel
Tam Nguyen
Nick Patel
Roy Shute
Ashley Quicksilver                                     Amy Gillard
Marie Domabyl
Domabyl Family
Khan Faiz
Bryan Quenaud                                         Haresh Bhungalia
Justin Philip
Kathryn Witt
Ellen Blanchard    
Steven Daar                                                Charity BINGO at Happy Camper Darshan Patel
Laura Dean Friedrich
Lynda Davis
Janet Wolf
Eavenson Family
Bonnie Beckonchrist
Emily Nyblad
Dave Ladner
Patricia McCanna
Patricia Lund
Traci Raines                                          Ellen Lappin
Janice Chapman                                  Emma Brewster
Sarah Price
Maureen Keser
William Kotterman
Rachel Wills
Pamela Duty
Sylvia and Bill Lill
David and Patricia Pearson
Steve Turner
Denny Esford
Allison Olson
Kristin Kumpf
Linda Olechowski
Anna Dumelle
Allison Bradley
Chris Kotterman
Sommerann McCullough
Julia Zhang
Samuel Hughes                                   Ronald and Michal Slovick
Pam Lile
Elizabeth Sandoe
Andrew Collins
Emily Duma
Maggie Kurcz
Valerie Lombardie
Julia Pulk
Nancy Putman
Amber Kinser-Lindahl                      Thomas Esford
Julie Bunt
Laurie Thorne
Jorje Quinn - in honor of Charles & Virginia Pilmer
Lisa Roths
Merrie Bunt
Sarah Kremsner
Keith Trice
Betsy Pilmer
Michelle Fried and Melissa Roderick
Ronna Case
David Long                                      Thomas Esford
Julie Bunt
Laurie Thorne
Jorje Quinn
Lisa Roths
Merrie    Bunt
Sarah Kremsner
Keith Trice
Betsy  Pilmer
Michelle Fried and Melissa Roderick    
Ronna Case
David Long
Marianne Stine
Jon Stromsta