giving to holy covenant

Through the efforts of volunteers, musicians, clergy, and staff, our shared dollars turn into ministries of worship, music, outreach, community, and justice.  You are invited to give at whatever level is most appropriate for you. Every gift is significant! Giving amounts at Holy Covenant range from $5/month to $13,000/year.

Donate on Sunday, online, or by mail

Every Sunday, Holy Covenant includes an offering during the worship services. Offering baskets are passed and all are invited to give. Whether you give online, through a recurring gift, in the offering basket, or choose not to give money, everyone is invited to touch the plate as it passes and say a prayer for the ministry that happens at Holy Covenant.


To donate online, use our secure donation page.


To donate by mail, make your check payable to “Holy Covenant United Methodist Church” and mail to:

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church
925 Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614

No matter how you donate, you’ll receive a quarterly giving statement and receipt from Holy Covenant that shows each donation.

Thank you for considering how your gifts will make a difference at Holy Covenant.

If you have additional questions about the giving process, please contact the stewardship committee. At Holy Covenant, our finances are an open book. If you’d like to see or discuss a more detailed breakdown of how money is used, please contact Kristen Willoughby, Office Manager.